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At Brain and Body Therapy we specialize in pregnancy and postpartum massage as well as pediatric bodywork. Our techniques include cupping, craniosacral, swedish / relaxation, and Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI).

We treat the body as a whole and utilize various treatment techniques for a holistic approach to the body. One of our goals is to lessen the barrier of self-care by providing in-home services, meaning we can travel to your home for your session!



  • $90 for 60 minutes
  • $110 for 75 minutes
  • $130 for 90 minutes
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We provide in-home services for the highest level of relaxation. Combining our knowledge of the brain-body system and applying traditional massage applications you can expect a wonderful blend of therapeutic work with a relaxing feel. Addressing tension headaches through craniosacral work; improving blood circulation through intentional massage strokes towards the heart; improving joint range of motion through joint mobilization and pin/stretching of the surrounding muscles; and decreasing stiffness through muscle relaxation are just a few benefits to receiving massage.

You can expect firm to medium pressure throughout your massage. We are always looking at the body’s subtle clues if we come across a tender area or need to adjust the pressure. You can expect to hear, “Do you need more, less or the same amount of pressure.” during your massage so we can get the best feedback on what you need. The massage is completed at a slower place to allow the nervous system to relax to allow our work to last longer.

Adults can also benefit from Musgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI). MNRI has been known to help improve coordination, decrease stress and help with past traumatic events without talk therapy. By providing specific proprioceptive input to the sensory system, we can “reprogram” the nervous system into a more efficient way of functioning. Click here for more MNRI information.



  • $60 for 60 minutes
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Kiddos can benefit from bodywork too! Improving respiration, circulation, sensory organization, motor and language development, and emotional regulation are just a few benefits of bodywork to help your kiddo reach their full potential. While Brain and Body Therapy works with children diagnosed with ADHD, autism, sensory processing, and CP, there are many children who don’t qualify for services but could benefit from bodywork.

Could your child benefit from Brain and Body Therapy services? If yes, to any of the following questions, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment.
  • Do they have difficulty with handwriting and tying their shoes? (fine motor control)
  • Do they have uncontrollable emotional outburst and become aggressive or shut down? (emotional regulation)
  • Are they sensitive to loud sounds, like the vacuum, or do they have difficulty tolerating the noise level at a restaurant? (auditory processing)
  • Do they feel the need to touch everything and everyone? (sensory processing)
  • Do they lack “stranger danger”? (bonding and boundary awareness)
  • Do they have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night? Do they not wake up feeling rested? (circadian rhythm)
  • Are they incontinent? (bowel and bladder control)
  • Do they have difficulty with transitions or primarily walk on their toes? (sensory processing and grounding)

Primarily utilizing techniques in Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI) we work with their body’s innate intelligence to improve their neuroplasticity and inherently improve their overall well-being. You will be provided with a home program to complete after the initial visit for continued improvement. The home program is taught to facilitate faster improvements. These techniques are easily reproducible and effective. Find more MNRI infromation in our blogs.


Are you ready to change up your next team meeting or work event? Whether you want to treat your employees or boost moral in your company, having an onsite massage therapist will do the trick. We provide onsite relaxation with table or chair massage depending on your needs and space. We can set up in a vacant meeting room or even in your lobby. Don’t have space? No worries, we can skip the set up and bring the massage to their desk. Adding a massage to your business practice benefits both employees and employers.

Benefits for employers:
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Lower sick leaves and absenteeism
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Boost office morale
  • Can lower stress and tension in the workplace
Benefits for employees:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Decrease muscle tension and pain
  • Relieve headaches
  • Increase focus and mental clarity
  • Increase energy and circulation
  • Prevent repetitive strain injuries

All events are customizable and quotes are based on request.

Kind words from our clients

I couldn’t recommend Carla more! Best massage I have ever received and in the convenience of my own home! Carla is extremely professional but at the same time makes you feel very comfortable!TAYLOR M.

Carla was amazing! So knowledgeable about massage therapy. I’ve struggled with neck and shoulder tension and this was hands down the best massage experience I’ve had and I feel like a new woman!Gabi S.

Carla is amazing, I cannot recommend her enough! She will make you feel so much better than before by the time she is done! Can’t wait to book my next one!HALEY R.

As a physical therapist I have worked with and experienced a lot of massage therapists. Carla’s treatments go beyond her discipline. Her knowledge of anatomy combined with her deep understanding of the neurological system means that she knows how to modulate her touch for the appropriate release of muscles, neurological guarding, and fascia... I’ve recommended her to friends, family, and my own patients, and will gladly continue to do so.BROOKE L.

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